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Discover how businesses across diverse sectors have navigated complex markets, harnessed Taxually’s cutting-edge technologies, and adapted to changing landscapes. These stories are a testament to the power of innovation, resilience, and determination.

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Discover how world-wide leading brands transform their indirect tax processes


Gelato, a global software company, has revolutionized the print industry by building software that connects the world's largest network of printers and logistics options. Taxually supports Gelato's indirect taxation compliance as the company's business expands across a vast global network. Their specific objectives were to simplify tax compliance and reduce the time spent on preparing VAT returns, which had been a labor-intensive task for their internal team. They saw automation as a crucial step in achieving this.

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Razor Group

Razor Group, an ambitious Amazon aggregator, is disrupting the e-commerce landscape with rapid growth. They estimated needing ten people to support corporate VAT compliance, but with Taxually's processes in place, they only required three, resulting in a 70% reduction in full-time equivalent staff. Razor Group now relies on Taxually for a fast, consistent, and reliable tax compliance platform that minimizes manual intervention.

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ADM is a global leader in human and animal nutrition, agricultural origination and processing, and renewable chemicals production. Since partnering with Taxually, ADM has achieved substantial time and cost savings, consolidating and automating data feeds from nine source systems and managing numerous adjustments and exclusions. These automation efforts have resulted in over 35% cost and time savings.

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Amer Sports

Amer Sports, a global sporting goods company with renowned brands like Salomon, Arc’teryx, and Wilson, operates in 28 countries. Taxually plays a crucial role in supporting Amer Sports' Eurozone operations across approximately 30 companies, addressing complex supply chains, VAT issues, and compliance automation, including adapting to COVID-19 and temporary VAT rate changes.

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Cloud Software Group, a global enterprise software provider, relies on a suite of essential tools to serve over 100 million users worldwide. Cloud Software Group's challenges included automating recurring data issues, centralizing tax management processes, reducing manual tasks, streamlining audits, and supporting a dispersed team, which were solved with the suite of Taxually products.

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