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EcoTax was born to assist businesses in not only expanding their reach to European customers but also ensuring strict compliance with the intricate web of EU regulations.

With a particular focus on Green Taxes, such as Extended Producer Responsibility or Plastic Tax, we serve as the guiding light that transforms regulatory challenges into opportunities for eco-excellence.
Green Taxes

What Are Green Taxes?

Addressing the environmental challenges of our planet is crucial.
To change the narrative and meet sustainability goals, the EU Commission promotes transitioning to a circular economy through various EU Directives.

The transposed legislations of these directives are what we call Green Taxes.

Why Do Green Taxes Matter?

Protect the Environment
Green Taxes will not only discourage activities that are harmful to the environment but encourage the adoption of greener alternatives, such as recycling, using renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and more.
Capital Support
These taxes can either fund recycling programs directly or generate revenue for governments to reinvest in environmental initiatives.
Internalise Costs
Green taxes help "internalize" the environmental costs associated with specific activities or products. In other words, they ensure that the price of a product or service reflects its true environmental impact. This encourages producers and consumers to make more informed choices that consider the environmental consequences.

Green Taxes Supported by EcoTax

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

What is it?

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a policy framework that shifts the responsibility of the whole lifecycle of products placed onto the market to the sellers and manufacturers, or as the policy refers to, the producers.

Therefore, it places the onus on businesses to manage the disposal, recycling, or proper treatment of their products after they are no longer in use.


EPR aims to reduce waste, promote recycling, and encourage businesses and resellers to design/purchase products with a lower environmental impact.

How does it work?

Producers are obliged to finance collection and recycling programs after certain products are subject to EPR, as well as report the volumes that are first placed onto the market.

Who is affected?

Any party who first places a product subject to EPR requirements in the country:

  • if you manufacture a product subject to EPR requirements in the country, and/or
  • if you import a product subject to EPR requirements into the country, and/or
  • if you sell a product subject to EPR requirements in the country and you are not established in that country.

Plastic Tax

What is it?

Plastic Tax is an environmental levy imposed on plastic packaging that does not meet specific recycling criteria. It applies to plastic packaging being imported, manufactured, or sold in the country.


Plastic Tax is designed to reduce the consumption of single-use plastics and encourage more sustainable packaging materials.

How does it work?

Depending on the jurisdiction, Plastic Tax usually applies at a rate per metric ton of non-recyclable plastic packaging where the threshold is met.

Who is affected?
  • Manufacturers of plastic packaging in the country, and/or
  • Importers of plastic packaging in the country, and/or
  • Intra-community buyers of plastic packaging in the country

The goal of these green taxes is to encourage producers and manufacturers to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, reduce waste, and promote recycling. By making these entities financially responsible for the environmental impact of their products, governments aim to create incentives for greener choices and reduce the environmental burden on society.

Registration & Compliance

How to Become Green Tax Compliant


Understand your obligations

EPR/Plastic Tax obligations can be tedious. Let EcoTax help you understand with whom you need to be registered and what your obligations are.


Sign up and register

Provide the necessary information and documents that we'll submit to the relevant authority. Once you receive the Green Tax registration number(s), share it/them with your marketplace(s) as proof of compliance.


Report and pay

Declare your sales volumes and pay the proportionate quota to the respective Producer Responsibility Organisation for the applicable reporting period.

Non-compliance with green tax regulations can lead to the following consequences:

Fines and Penalties
Non-compliance can lead to financial penalties imposed by government authorities. These penalties can vary in severity, depending on the nature and extent of the violation.
Loss of Tax Benefits
In some cases, companies that fail to meet certain environmental standards or requirements may lose access to tax incentives, subsidies, or grants designed to promote eco-friendly practices.
Reputation Damage
Non-compliance with green taxes can damage a company's reputation, leading to consumer boycotts, negative publicity, and loss of trust among customers and investors.
Legal Action
Serious or repeated non-compliance may result in legal action, including lawsuits or criminal charges, particularly if there is evidence of intentional violations or significant harm to the environment.
Product Bans or Restrictions
Non-compliant products may be banned from the market or subject to restrictions, which can harm a business's ability to operate and sell its products.

It's important to note that the exact consequences of non-compliance can vary widely based on local regulations and the severity of the violation.

To avoid these consequences, businesses and individuals are encouraged to understand and comply with green tax regulations and
to adopt sustainable practices that align with environmental goals.

Supported Countries

With the fast-evolving landscape of environmental taxes, our team works tirelessly to expand our coverage as new legislations are rolled out across the EU Member States.


EPR Categories:
Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE)


EPR Categories:
Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE)
Printed Paper
Games & Toys
Bricolage & Gardening
Construction Products & Materials
Sports & Leisure Goods


EPR Categories:
Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE)
Other Green Taxes:
Spanish Plastic Tax
Do you need green tax support with a country that isn’t listed above? Contact us with your inquiry.

Our Fees

At Taxually, we believe in transparency. See our pricing table and services below and get started with your registration today. Pricing may vary in each category.
Registration (one-off)
from €150
Obtainment of EPR number and submission of estimated sales volumes to the respective Producer Responsibility Organisation
Registration (one-off)
Yearly reporting
€150 per annum

Quarterly reporting
€600 per annum

Monthly reporting
€1,800 per annum
Fee depends on the reporting frequency of the selected EPR category. Our standard price is 150 EUR per report.

E.g. if the reporting frequency is yearly in the selected category, the subscription fee is 150 EUR per year.
Retroactive Filing (one-off)
€150 per report
Filing for retroactive periods in EPR categories where retroactivity is mandatory.
Contribution fees
determined by country/category
Contribution fees are charged by the authorities to support the collection, recycling, and disposal of your products to minimize their environmental impact. Pricing and frequency differ in each country and category.
Deregistration fee
Fee may occur when a Green Tax number has to be deregistered with the authorities or representation is to be ceased.
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