11 Ecommerce Experts You Should Be Following on X

11 Ecommerce Experts You Should Be Following on X

Follow these ecommerce experts on X and gain insights to stay ahead in the competitive online retail space.

In the fast-paced world of ecommerce, staying ahead of the curve is essential. X (formally Twitter) serves as a vital source of news, trends, and insights, thanks to the contributions of numerous industry experts. Here's a curated list of 11 ecommerce experts whose posts can help you stay informed, inspired, and ahead in the digital commerce game.

1. Ben Marks - @BenMarks

Ben Marks

Ben Marks is a sage in the vast domain of ecommerce platforms, particularly Magento. His expertise isn't just technical; it encompasses a holistic view of the ecommerce ecosystem, making his X a treasure trove of knowledge. From platform-specific tips to overarching industry trends, Ben’s insights cater to a broad audience, including developers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers.

2. Cathy Halligan - @CathyHalligan

Cathy Halligan

With a storied career spanning several senior executive roles in retail and ecommerce, Cathy Halligan is a fount of knowledge on omnichannel strategies and the digital transformation of retail. Her posts are a goldmine for businesses striving to integrate their online and physical retail strategies to offer a seamless customer experience.

3. Deborah Weinswig - @debweinswig

Deborah Weinswig

Deborah Weinswig, the CEO and Founder of Coresight Research, offers a window into global retail and ecommerce trends. Her perspective is invaluable for anyone looking to grasp the nuances of global markets, consumer insights, and technological innovations shaping the future of retail. Following Deborah is akin to having a global retail and ecommerce conference at your fingertips.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk - @garyvee

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the embodiment of entrepreneurial zeal and digital marketing acumen. His posts serve as a blend of inspiration and practical advice, covering everything from branding and social media strategies to the nuts and bolts of ecommerce. Gary's passionate and straightforward style makes complex concepts accessible, making him a must-follow for aspiring and established entrepreneurs alike.

5. Rieva Lesonsky - @Rieva

Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky is a small business and ecommerce expert, editor-at-large at Small Business Trends, and CEO of GrowBiz Media. Her posts are a rich source of advice for small to medium-sized ecommerce businesses, offering insights into marketing, growth strategies, and the challenges unique to smaller ventures. Rieva’s expertise is particularly valuable for entrepreneurs and SMBs looking to navigate the complexities of the ecommerce ecosystem and find sustainable paths to growth and profitability.

6. Jason Goldberg - @retailgeek

Jason Goldberg

Jason Goldberg, affectionately known as "Retailgeek," is your go-to source for insights spanning the retail and ecommerce spectrum. His expertise is vast, touching on tech innovations, shopper behavior, and retail strategies. Jason's ability to analyze and predict trends makes his X feed an essential resource for anyone looking to stay ahead in the ecommerce space.

7. Julie Ask - @JulieAsk

Julie Ask

As a leading voice on mobile commerce, Julie Ask provides critical insights into leveraging mobile technology to bolster ecommerce strategies. Her focus on mobile trends and understanding consumer expectations is crucial for businesses aiming to optimize their mobile platforms. Following Julie means receiving a masterclass in mobile commerce with each post.

8. Kasey Lobaugh - @klobaugh

Kasey Lobaugh

Kasey Lobaugh, a principal at Deloitte Consulting, stands at the intersection of technology, retail, and consumer products. His insights are invaluable for understanding how digital transformation and innovation can fuel business growth and adaptability. Kasey's posts are a blend of thought leadership and practical advice, ideal for businesses navigating the digital retail landscape.

9. Neil Patel - @neilpatel

Neil Patel

Neil Patel has earned his reputation as a digital marketing guru through a consistent stream of actionable advice on SEO, content marketing, and ecommerce growth hacking. His posts are packed with strategies designed to boost site traffic, engagement, and conversions. Neil's pragmatic approach to digital marketing makes complex concepts digestible, offering followers a roadmap to ecommerce success.

10. Steve Dennis - @StevenPDennis

Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis brings a sharp focus on retail innovation and ecommerce strategy, offering deep insights into crafting memorable and differentiated customer experiences. His expertise is especially relevant for retailers seeking to make sense of digital disruption and its implications. Following Steve is like having a strategic advisor helping you navigate the challenges and opportunities of modern retail.

11. Sarah Halzack - @sarahhalzack

Sarah Halzack is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist covering the retail and consumer goods sectors. Her posts offer sharp analysis and commentary on the latest trends affecting ecommerce and brick-and-mortar retailers. Following Sarah is like getting a front-row seat to the evolving retail landscape, where she shares her insights on consumer behavior, digital innovation, and the challenges facing retailers today.

By incorporating these experts into your X feed, you'll not only enrich your daily scroll with cutting-edge insights and strategies but also join a community of forward-thinking professionals dedicated to mastering the art of ecommerce. These thought leaders offer a blend of inspiration, practical advice, and industry foresight that can help you navigate the complexities of digital commerce, inspire innovation, and drive your business toward new horizons of success.

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April 18, 2024
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